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parent-teen driving contract

I will obey all driving laws. I will observe and abide by posted speed limits. I will obey all rules established by my parents and will drive the car only with their permission. If I break the rules, I will forfeit the car keys with no argument or debate.

Refusal to do so will result in the loss
of my driving privileges.
  1. I will not drive when I am, or ride with anyone who is, tired, angry, or using any “substance”, including medications, or is in any other state that may impair driving abilities. 
  2. I will wear my seatbelt at all times and will not drive unless all passengers wear theirs. 
  3. Under no circumstances will I allow myself to become distracted, including the use of a cell phone, or any other electronic device, unless I am safely stopped off of the road. 
  4. I will respect all weather and road conditions, slowing down as needed for safety. 
  5. If I’m involved in a crash, no matter how minor, I will not leave the scene without the permission of police officers and my parents. 
  6. I will inform my parents about any tickets, crashes and encounters with police (including warnings.) 
  7. I will not have any passengers or allow anyone to drive the car without specific permission. 
  8. All trips will be to agreed upon locations discussed beforehand. I will not make any unscheduled stops, side trips or changes without parental contact. 

We agree and understand that situations my arise that may conflict with portions of this contract, they will be discussed as needed. We also agree to review (and possibly change) this agreement  on (date)___/____/____ or earlier if needed.

        __________________________ (date) ___/____/____
          New Driver

    __________________________ (date) ___/____/____
         __________________________ (date) ___/____/____